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spare parts as starting 1973

1973 - 1975

Tool Box/ tool kit

1977 - 1980

Handyman’s Tool Belt/ Apron (


The World Class Tools for Industrial and Professional since 1973

1975 - 1996

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Since from 1973 – Origin

Rarely seen in Taiwan today, this is a common memory for many industrialists who were born in the 1960–1980 period. Sound HAN Industrial was originally created by these industrialists: Alun Anlo Chang and two brothers.

Towards the end of the 1970s, poor economy was the norm all over Taiwan. With an increased demand for oil, electricity, and gas worldwide during the oil crisis of 1973
Products: Rear Derailleur Parts –
Factory Space 150M2

Specializing In Making Hand Tools For DIY Market – ( Starting To Manufacture Product Of Hand Tool )
Products: L – Type Torque Wrench / T Spark Plug Socket
PIONEER IN COLD FORGING INDUSTRY & Taiwan hand tool industry takes off

Hans Produce First Piece of Precision Screwdriver In Taiwan.
Hans Tool invested in plastic injection molding technology in the 1980s and was the first in the world to produce a blow mold case with 100 pieces. The injection molding technology improved efficiency and gave them a new tool kit business in Taiwan. Today, this technology has been used in all kinds of toolboxes in Taiwan, and is still an important part of their export business.

OBM MIDWAY Brand is a premium tool bag brand from Southeast Asia. With a passion for innovation and design, OBM MIDWAY has created a series of functional and innovative tools for tradesmen and DIYers in the region. With excellent quality and affordable pricing, OBM MIDWAY's products have garnered interest in markets in East-North Asia — including countries in Europe and Latin America.
OEM for US professional brand in K-mart and SearsTaiwan was once an industrialized country. The 1980s, however, were a turning point for Taiwan - known as "Hot Money in Taiwan" - when the government was focusing on Taiwan's economic miracle. At the same time, consumer goods companies began to take Taiwanese vendors for granted. Taiwanese manufacturers had to find new ways to compete in the US market and Global market.
Hans is a Germanic name, meaning "strong". Hand tools were introduced by Germans, we respect to the original and we love it make expand through Taiwan manufacturing technic.
Beginning to 21th century

Hans Tool Has Maintained A Position Of Leadership In Manufacturing & Specializing Of Professional And Industrial Hand Tool. We Are To Say That We Have Our Own Factory And We Are In A Position To Provide You With Our Solid And Heavy-Duty Tools At Very Competitive Price. We Have Over 40 Years Of Experiences In Taiwan And Provide More Than 9000 Kinds Of Products In Widely Range With Completely Size.
1973 –2023 Origin

Post Covid-19 during 2020~2022, Black Swan, Gray Rhino and ESG

Moving forward to 5G age and Gen-Z customer, to Adopt its digitalization in the future
Launch new technology and manufacturing process system

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