06800M/A-Insulated Screwdriver Set- 7 Pcs

06800M/A-Insulated Screwdriver Set- 7 Pcs

trapezoid box from Hanstools
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7 PCS06800-7M
1710- Cranked Slotted Screwdriver 0818M3x100(4"), 4x100(4"), 5.5x125(5"), 6.5x150(6")
Phillips Bit Img0828PH0x60(23/8), PH1x80(31/8), PH2x100(4")
1 SET= 1.6 KGS GW= 19.2 KGS/12 SETSCUFT=2'


What is Insulated Hand Tool?

Insulated hand tool is a safety device that protects the user in case of an electrostatic shock. It offers protection against voltage 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC. All insulated hand tool must be marked with the year they were made and an official 1,000-Volt rating symbol.

IEC 60 900 is a universally recognized standard used to ensure that electrical testing tools are safe for use. DIN 60 900 is a German standard that requires manufacturers to test all electrical products for defects using an insulation resistance tester. VDE is an independent authority in Germany that has set the standards for testing and certifying electrical tools in the country.