1809- Claw-Grip Plier

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1809- Claw-Grip Plier

  • Pince-étaux
  • Szczypce z uchwytem pazurowym
  • Klauengriffzange
  • Mordazas de presion, boca plano
  • كماشة قبضة المخلب
  • คีมปากแหลม
  • 美式萬能夾鉗
  • Pliers and their Uses (D-W)


  • The drop forged steel jaws are hardened for toughness, as are the body and bolts. This makes the clamp capable of securely holding a wide array of materials without distorting them, making it great for intricate jobs. The clamp locks in place with a powerful non-slip grip, ensuring that the material you’re working on stays in place during the job. It’s ideal for hard to reach areas where typical clamps can’t reach.
  • Locking pliers are available in many different styles, sizes, and shapes. They are the kind of pliers that lock themselves in position with an “over-center” cam action. Locking pliers are most commonly used for many different functions, including fixing metal parts for welding.
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