1815- Chain Pipe Cutter Vise Plier

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1815- Chain Pipe Cutter Vise Plier

  • Pince-étaux coupe tubes a chaine
  • Szczypce do imadła do obcinania rur
  • Ketten-Rohrschneider-Schraubstockzange
  • Mordaza grip cortatubos de cadena
  • سلسلة الأنابيب الملزمة ذو زرادية
  • คีมคีมตัดท่อโซ่
  • 大力鏈條式切管夾鉗
  • Pliers and their Uses- (A-E)


  • Chain Pipe Cutter Vise Plier
    • The jaws of the chain pipe wrench have a jaw capacity of nine inches, making it ideal for gripping odd-shaped pipes and pieces tightly.
  • Cutting capacity: 3mm Thin walled pipes up to 3 mm are cut with this tool Chrome surface finish for good rust protection Chain pipe cutter grip Operates on grips or wrenches, requires minimal space to operate Stainless steel, copper, PVC up to 38mm can be cut Adjustable wide knob and lock system make it easy
    • The construction of the product is made of high-quality materials, like heat-treated alloy steel, providing maximum toughness and durability.

  • The classic design of this trigger Chain Pipe Cutter Vise Plier allows for strong clamping capabilities.

Chain Vise- Cutter Function

1815 Chain Vise Plier-Pipe Cutter
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