1817 Hose Crimping Plier

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1817- Hose Crimping Plier

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Hose crimping plier-

jaws are equipped with hardened steel, which prevents damage to the hose while gripping it. The portable design means these crimping jaws never have to leave your side, whether you’re working on-site or in a shop. The crimping jaws are made to work with brass ferrules and are perfect for creating a wiring harness or any other metal work project that requires assembly.

1817 LPIC
1817 LPIC2
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1817-19/16Ø, 7/16Ø14.2, 11250/ 10"54012
1817-25/8Ø, 11/16Ø15.8, 17.4250/ 10"54012
1817-35/16Ø, 27/64Ø, 11/32Ø10.7, 8.7, 7.9250/ 10"54012
1817 Hose Crimping Plier
1817 Hose Crimping Plier
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Connecting the Hose with Crimping Pliers Some crimping pliers have an American-style grip, with a long handle and ring at the end. Others have a European-style grip, which has a shorter handle and a closed end. To use crimping pliers with your hose:

  1. Put the ferrule on the hose and insert the barbs into the hose.
  2. Squeeze the handle until it forms a first crimp.
  3. Rotate the hose 90 degrees and then repeat steps 1-3 to form a second, third, and fourth crimp.

    Use high carbon steel wire for durability and to withstand repeated loads and high stress while retaining elasticity.