1817B- Hose Clamp Locking Plier

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1817B-Hose Clamp Locking Plier

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What is hose clamp plier?

Hose clamp pliers are used for installing or removing the metal clamps on different sizes of hoses. The jaws swivel and open and close to grip any size of clamp, and they are easy to use when you need to install or remove a hose clamp.
Hose clamp pliers work on most ring-type or flat-band hose clamps. This makes it easy to remove and install the clamps. The jaws swivel which allow them to access the clamps in any position.

1817B LPIC
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6150/ 6"3406
9230/ 9"4506

Deep-Slotted Jaws can remove and replace all size spring wire hose clamps and lock its object safely in any position

1817B- Hose Clamp Plier
1817B- Hose Clamp Plier
1817B- Hose Clamp Plier