1933-7- Crimping Plier for Insulated Terminals

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1933-7- Crimping Plier for Insulated Terminals

  • Pince à cosses pré isolées
  • Szczypce do zaciskania izolowanych końcówek
  • Crimpzange für isolierte Kabelschuhe
  • Alicates para terminales preaislados
  • كماشة العقص للمحطات المعزولة
  • คีมย้ำสำหรับขั้วต่อฉนวน
  • 絕緣端子壓線鉗
  • Heavy Duty Type, Cr-Mo. dies
  • Pliers and their Uses- (A-E)
  • Handle Introduction- (Plier, Torque Wrench/ Wrench)


What are crimp plier used for?

  • Crimping plier is the tool used to deform the material and create the connection.
  • Crimping is commonly used in electrical work, to attach wires together or wire to other connectors.
  • This tool is a great choice if you’re looking for a professional grade crimping tool.
  • The crimping die has a ratcheting mechanism and an adjustable crimping height so you can use it on any type of wire connector.
  • The handles are ergonomic and have non-slippery grips which will keep your hands comfortable when working.
  • The plier comes with a ratcheting mechanism, professional grade crimping die with adjustable crimping height and ergonomic handles.
porduct sizeicon1
24R0M-Surface Hand Socket (Manual)- 1/4" Drive
70.08~0.25 mm2 (AWG 28-24)
0.25~0.5 mm2 (AWG 24-20)
0.75~1.5 mm2 (AWG 18-16)