36030-8C- Star Plus Bit Socket Set- 3/8″ Drive- 8 Pcs

E-STAR BIT IMG 3/8″ Drive 36030-8C- Star Plus Bit Socket Set

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  • Made by S2 Steel+ Chromium Vanadium modify


Socket Rack With Clamp
Hand Socket Rack
  • An-Lock Drive® (Superb Torque) was founded with one mission in mind: to help their customers get the job done correctly, safely, and efficiently. With a foundation of quality and safety, An-Lock Drive® offer tools that are stronger and faster than other standard alternatives.
  • Star Plus Drive is a revolutionary drive system used in a range of industrial equipment that delivers optimized transmission of torque to the fastener. With its unique 0-degree angle drive, which is vastly different from conventional systems that have a 15-degree or 20-degree angle, the Star Plus Drive virtually eliminates radial forces that cause fastener recesses to stretch and stress. This innovative system has made a significant impact on assembly lines, improving performance and increasing efficiency.
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BLISTER CARD : TT PACKAGE PIC= 6 SETS, GW= 17KGS/ 36 SETS Packing PIC= 1.15'M360248
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