718S-Grease Gun-Single Shot

718S- Grease Gun- Single Shot by One Handed (500 cc)

  • Pompe à graisse
  • Smarownica
  • Fettpresse
  • Bomba de engrase
  • سلاح شحمي
  • ปืนอัดจารบี
  • 單手操作黃油槍
  • Pistol Type
  • Packing Details from the factory


  • Grease gun is a tool for applying lubricant to anything. These are used to apply lubrication, usually from a grease cartridge to a nipple. A close-fitting aperture ensures that the lubricant only goes where it’s needed. There are four different types of grease guns:
  • Grease guns are a great way to lubricate with ease. They are an essential tool for workshops and garages. The purpose is to apply lubricant from a grease cartridge to a nipple or fitting.
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718S-Grease Gun
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