9915HQ/HQL-Workshop Tool Trolley

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9915HQ/ 9915HQL-Workshop Tool Trolley- 5 drawers

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  • High Quality Tool Trolley Series/ Packing Details from the factory of HansTools
  • HansTools Trolley, as the name suggests, is a trolley designed to keep tools organised in their correct place. The drawers are lined to protect users, and the sliding drawers are made of metal with quality ball bearings that make them easy to open and close. The top of the trolley is padded to prevent damage to tools while they’re being used. The drawers feature upgraded cam locks that allow users to access the contents more easily than ever before.


57.5kgs/ PC
Overall+5" Casters670460800
3 Drawers58041075
2 Drawers580410154
9915HQL1 drawer open,
other 4 drawers LOCK9915HQL LOCK
57.5kgs/ PC
Overall+5" Casters670460800
3 Drawers58041075
2 Drawers580410154

HQ Tool Trolley/ Cabinet Storage Kits

HansTools Trolley is a toolbox for high-precision tools in the workshop. The device boasts an impact-resistant, rubberized top and ball-bearing drawer slides that make it easy to use. An all-inclusive design makes this trolley the go-to solution for all of your tools.

HansTools Trolley boasts a powder-coated, metal frame that has a scratch resistant finish.

HQ Tool Trolley/Wagon features are the following statement.

  1. One piece forming Panel made of wagon body reinforced.
  2. A crabwise post on upper portion extra to strengthen entire shape that against banging, and deforming; even provided a heavy working flatbed on the flap-top.
  3. Hemmed edge for all drawers and body that adds safeguard that will harm not at all.
  4. Patented internal locked-locking system for extra security and most conveniency.
  5. The 410mm deep wagon drawers offer much more space.
  6. Easy move the full ball bearing side on all drawers.
  7. Each drawer with a designed switch for quick release.
  8. Two-section of drawer fastener to keep it at a safe closing and not damage for drawer.
  9. Electroplated aluminum handle with safe and prevent an injury.
  10. The accuracy of cross point of cabinet are ±2mm. 
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