ABR-2/Auto Body Curved Dolly

ABR-2/Auto Body Curved Dolly

  • Curved Dolly
  • Tampon en tôle
  • Podkładka z blachy,
  • Blechauflage
  • Almohadilla de chapa
  • وسادة الصفائح المعدنية
  • แผ่นโลหะแผ่น
  • 鈑金墊
  • Quality Tools for Lifetime
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Auto body repair is a skilled trade that requires a variety of tools. However, there are some basic items every aspiring technician should have in their arsenal. Below are four essential items every auto body student should own: 1. Hammer And Dolly Set: Tools To Last Your Entire Auto Body Repair Career

Students considering careers in auto collision repair would be wise to invest in a good hammer and dolly set, as these are vital to professional panel beating. With practice, these can even be used to correct the most stubborn service dents; however with proper care, they can last a lifetime making them an excellent investment.

A good sanding block is another essential tool for any aspiring auto body technician. They have many uses including color sanding and buffing, shaping body filler and cutting high spots in body work. They’re very affordable and can even be homemade using pieces of wood or flat steel bars. Slide hammers are also incredibly useful for pulling out panels and repairing dents; however an experienced technician will know when it’s best not use one because doing so could potentially cause more damage than good (depending on severity of dent).