06178-14- Torque Driver Set

06178-14- Torque Driver Set- (Torque Screwdriver Set 14 Pcs)

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  • “SNCMVH” Material of Screwdriver Tip
1-10N · m
1710- Cranked Slotted Screwdriver 011-24, 5, 6mm
Phillips Bit Img 021-2PH1, PH2, PH3
Star Shape_HansTools 041-2T15, T20, T25
Hexagon head img 061-24, 5, 6mm


Torque Driver is a specialized type of screwdriver tool used to tighten or loosen fasteners that require torque. These are typically screws, bolts, and nuts in machines, such as those commonly found in motorcycles, cars, and trucks. The amount of torque applied to the fastener can be significant and may require a level of precision that typical screwdrivers do not offer.